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In 1986, the City Council approved the Sweeney Properties Master Plan (Treasure), a concept that created a dense, compact, and pedestrian-oriented, user-friendly extension of the Historic District. Its objective was to reflect the original character of Park City and at the same time leave a visually contiguous block of Treasure Hill (97%, 110 acres) as open space. This concept was originally proposed by the city staff, approved by the planning commission, and embraced by the Sweeney family.

Within the open space, a proposed development of small to moderately-sized living units would provide a steady customer base for the Historic Commercial District. Part of the vision was to integrate the buildings into the hillside and gulch ("sink into" as opposed to "crawl up" the hillside) in order to mitigate the size of the structures necessary to accommodate the approved density.

In the 1986 Sweeney Master Plan approval, great attention
was given to the preservation of open space.

Illustration of planned integration of Treasure into hillside
(Building 4b Shown)

With the current sprawling development of greater Park City, including the growth of Kimball Junction, Quinn's Junction, and several other outlying areas, the Treasure destination resort will breathe new life into the Historic Main Street District.

Treasure will promote development of the best green building principles for neighborhood design and become an integral partner for Main Street merchants.

Click here for a guide to Treasure Park City (5.7MB-PDF)

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